Friday, May 09, 2008


How can a responsible government call up young, enthusiatic youths, in the developing phase of their life, with everything in front of them to live for, and have them die in NS service camps. Surely heads must roll. Today, we hear of victim number 21. Ms Too Hui Min, 18years, died of " colonic infection ", in this 21st century, when we are sending man to space. For three days, nothing was done, when she was not well. Surely this is not acceptable. Shedding crocodile tears now, does not help. Rows of sad fellow trainees must certainly wonder when it will happen to them. 21 deaths of apparently healthy trainees, in national service training?? At this rate, NS training may become the highest mortality risk factor for teenagers? How can this be? Surely, the training camps must be suspended pending a full, thorough and transparent investigation. Those responsible must be made to pay, however well connected they are. It is no point saying that we are sorry for what has happened. The best way to make sure that Ms Too did not die in vain, is to get to the bottom of this. I write this in some anger, knowing that in " bolehland " this is a dream. But I just cannot stand around and see young people being " killed" while in national service. we must know why it happened, or there will be more Hui Mins?

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tim said...

what u say is very true!i was one of the x trainees in 2004..n i couldve died as well due to long infection of acute bronchitis..however, my parents were smart enough to get me out of the program n to go to see a REAL doctor..not a medical assistant! right now, my father n i are going to write about all of the deaths of ns trainees which have occured..but im finding very confusing information about the total deaths..u say its now a total of 21, however, i checked in wikipedia last month,Afiq Zuhairi, 18, died on 16 April 2008..n from my understanding Too Hui Min, 18 is the 22nd..correct me if im wrong..n if u have any other articles or reports about all the deaths, we would really appreciate it if u lend a hand too stop this ns nonsense..if not to stop, improving it n revising the progs would be my opinin..juz stop the ns untill it is conducted properly n has been through a thorough research n investigation(not from the ns officials but from external unbiased investigations please).