Monday, April 21, 2008


As I wrote earlier, this wonder drug " statins ", first discovered and used as a LDL-Cholesterol lowering agents, has continue to amaze us with her plethora of good effects. In the recent issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, the researchers at the University of Southern California at San Diego, discovered that statins can lower blood pressure significantly, in a population not known to be hypertensive. They studied 900 over subjects whose BP was normal at baseline at gave one group simvastatin 20mg, the second group pravastatin 40mg and the last group placebo. After six months of followup, they found the the group taking the statins had lower blood pressure. When the statins were stopped, the BP increase back to baseline value. Could this be one of the ways that statins prevent heart disease? by lowering normal peoples' BP till slightly below normal. Obviously statins are good, not just for LDL-Cholesterol reduction, but also for anti-inflammatory effects, anti-alzheimer effects, the anti-heart failure effects, and now the anti-hypertensive effects. Only future or on-going research will tell us what other good things are forthcoming from statins.

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