Friday, February 15, 2008

Do i-Gadgets affect pacemakers?

With the success of Steve Jobs and the whole Apple success story, there are many out there, young and old, who have an i-gadgets, be it i-phones, i-pods, etc. There are also many cardiac patients out there who have pacemakers implanted, either for rhythm disorders, or for ventricular dysfunction. We are often asked if these gadgets, especially mobile phones, affect the pacemakers.

At the last Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), Dr H Bassen, an engineer from FDA, reported his study on the small electromagnetic fields (EMF) that surround i-gadgets, including the i-pods and i-phone. He found that the small amount of EMF does not interfere with the proper function of the pacemaker. This was later also confirmed independently by Dr Robert Stevenson. this, I believe will be presented at the years HRS. Basically what I am trying to say is that to the many out there who have an i-pod, i-phone and even the many mobile phone, the small amount of EMF emitted by these gadgets, does not affect the present types of pacemakers.

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