Monday, January 28, 2008

RIP Lee Nian Ning

Three people are dead.

Lee Nian Ning, RIP. Daughter, Doctor to be, PSD Scholar and Blogger.

Meanwhile, A doctor sits in jail because he cannot afford an RM 120,000 fine for running an unregistered clinic. Did he kill anyone? Apparently his crime was not filling up a form and he claims he was selling his clinic anyway so no need to fill.

Meanwhile buses continue killing people and no one goes to jail. Not one single company has been fined RM 1,200 or even RM 120. How many forms did the bus driver have to fill? Did the bus have toilets with doors opening to face the right feng shui direction?

What a way to start a week.


Tai said...

My condolence to her family.
I read the news in the papers today.

mama said...

start calling konsortium!