Friday, January 25, 2008


I recently read from a website that the USA "Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)" has halted re-imbursement for 64MSCT and has limited payments to only patients on clinical trials. This means that those who wish to have a 64MSCT will have to pay out of pocket. This must mean that they are not convinced that 64MSCT coronary angiogram has a place in the routine workup of patients suspected to have CAD. Whats more, that it has obviously no place in the screening of assymptomatic population for CAD. Looks like 64MSCT usage in USA will come down. The good news is that less of the population will be subjected to the hazards of the 64MSCT, but the bad news is that companies will invest less in MSCT development, and it may take longer for them to develop newer, better and safer scans. Well, I can see many professionals and societies protesting this decision of the CMS. But in USA, they can also lobby the individual state medicare to pay. Well less see what happens. At least we know how the Feds feel.

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