Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NEWS FROM EUROPCR2007, BARCELONA, 22-25th May 2007.

Quite a few Malaysian cardiologist joined their colleagues from the world over to attend the EuroPCR2007 at Barcelona from 22nd-25th May 2007. Barcelona is a really fun city (my first time there), but things are expensive and the common folks there do not speak much English, meaning that if you are lost, you need a lot of sign language and luck.

Anyway, although Dr Jean Marco and fellow directors must have tried very hard to put up a good show, the meeting was plagued by AV hiccups and transmission hiccups throughout the 4 days. The convention venue was large, but the event organizers were rather unfriendly (especially to us Asians). The meeting was huge (by way of attendees and exhibitors), and must have cost E 30K to put up (an estimate given to me by one of the exhibitors). The meeting was fairly multi-disciplinary, with many simultaneous sessions. I did confine myself to the main room (live demos from the main centers, and also the large interventional topics). Looks like the cases done were simpler and mainly to demonstrate certain teaching points, although a few cases were done that were more controversial.

There were no big  breaking trial to report. I suspect that the organisers were guessing that Costar 2 will be big, but it really disappointed. Perhaps the whole meeting was overshadowed by the release from New England Journal of Medicine that a meta-analysis of the clinical trials of Avandia, by Dr Steve Nissen (of the Time magazine 100 most influential man fame), showing  that Avandia use may be associated with an increase risk of death and heart attacks. I will post a bit more about this later.

We heard quite a bit about late stent thrombosis of DES, second generation DES, the use of "Stentboost ", the use of Euroscore, syntax score, the medinal score, etc. Basically, there was no big news in Barcelona. There were some good take home messages from Barcelona. I will post on them tomorrow.

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