Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Healthier Food Choices Logo

The YB MOH is quoted in the mass media as saying that the MOH is considering labeling food with a logo so that the public will know the healthier foods by their food contents. Their advise for us to eat less fats, sugar and salt is right and proper, as this will certainly reduce the incidence of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

Two points should be emphasized. Firstly, reducing salt intake will certainly reduce the incidence of hypertension. This health advice comes in the wake of the recently published American study by Boston Researchers that a 20% reduction in salt intake (till 6gms a day) will reduce the incidence of CVS disease by 25% and the risk of death from CVS disease by 20% (as good as the many drugs that we have). As a population, CVS disease prevention strategy, keeping salt intake down makes a lot of sense and will surely save us a lot of health budget.

The second point to make is that the big three bad foods,viz, too much sugars, too much fats and too much salts is vital in reducing the big four, viz, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. We must learn to see that this quartet, usually results in strokes and heart attacks. Eradicating this quartet in a large population must surely include controlling the bad three.

In this case, the MOH have got it spot on, and should receive all our support. I am confident that these "Healthier Food Choices " logo, together with a health check for all males above 40yrs and females above 50yrs, will go along way to eradicating heart disease.

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