Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More ACC 2007 News. Bioabsorbable DES

New Orleans on 24th March, saw the presentation by Dr P Serruys, the results of the ABSORB study. 26 patients received this bioabsorbable everolimus eluting stents on a polylactic acid backbone. This polylactic acid stent platform will be fully absorbed in 12-18 months. The rate of MACCE was low. As expected, there were no instance of stent thrombosis. There again at 6 months, there can only be acute or subacute stent thrombosis. But the incidence of stent restenosis is higher then for any of the DES that we know. This is a small study, but this study showed us that bio-absorbable stents are safe. It also showed us that 26 patients is too small a number to be otherwise meaningful. Much more work needs to be done. Obviously, absorbable stents are safe as the incidence of stent thrombosis. There are no metal struts and no polymer coating. We were all hoping that bioabsorbable stents will be the second generation DES but so far there has been a lot of disappointments. Obviously, they are not yet ready.

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