Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It will be interesting to write that lack of siesta (midday rest during work) is a coronary risk factor. This is stating the converse of the findings of a Greek study, published recently which showed that taking a 30 min nap in midday is associated with a 37% reduction in cardiac related death.

This study merits some consideration because of its size. At about 24,000 subjects, the findings should be rather significant. The researchers studied fit males and females, age 20-80, who had no known heart disease. Napping is a good primary prevention strategy for CAD. However, it is worth noting that this was a retrospective study based on a questionnaire, which required cooperative subjects and records keeping. Also we are dealing with a Mediterranean population where their diet may also be a factor. This study is worth noting, and maybe large scale prospective study should be done, although I cannot see any pharmaceutical company coming forward to fund it. Perhaps our bloated government service could provide an ideal community for such a study. There is now one more good reason for some to nap during work, but members of the bloat would already know that up close and personal.

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