Monday, January 15, 2007

Trans Fats and their dangers

Trans fats are partially hydrogenated fatty acids. We sometimes call it polysaturated fats or partly polysaturated fats. The danger is that polysaturated fats, when metabolised, transform into VLDL and thereafter to LDL-Cholesterol. They are obviously atherogenic. New York City decided that trans fats endanger their citizens and so they have taken a community action to prevent CAD by banning trans fat in restaurants.

Fast foods use alot of trans fats, and contribute significantly to obesity, diabetes and CAD. They have taken the lead. Let us see what benefit this will bring, and please remember that this may take 10-15 years to show. I often wish that our government will also take action to curb the trans fats in our own "roti bom", hokkien mee and the of course the fast foods in Malaysia, too. We are rapidly reaching the CAD incidence of developed countries. Can we envision our Malaysian gourmet without hokkien mee and roti canai?

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