Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Ex-PM: Good Outcomes from Heart Attacks

Note: We withheld this post until the end of the political circus.

Last week when news broke that our former, very stressed prime minister had a minor heart attack, some were genuinely worried, as a heart attack, for a diabetic, post CABG, post MI (1989), octogenarian, may have bad outcomes. Perhaps some were wondering whether the "timing" of the heart attack, may suggest that there is nothing physical to worry about. Perhaps there is such a thing as a political heart attack. Of course we now know that medical/physical wise, he has done very well for an octogenarian. From the scanty details given to us by the press, it would appear that he had some IV therapy, suggesting perhaps, if at all, some form of IV thrombolytic therapy (IV Tenectaplase?). What is "unusual "is that he was allowed home, without a coronary angiogram, to study the anatomy, and so soon after IV Lytic therapy. Perhaps, we should be hearing of him going overseas soon for rest (read re-evaluation by a foreign expert with angiogram and perhaps angioplasty). That is if he actually had a medical heart attack. So you see, heart attack patients, even at 80 years old, can do very well. The Prime Minister called on all of us to pray for the ex-PM's quick recovery. Syabas to all concerned.

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