Monday, November 20, 2006

Case Study - WSK

WSK is a 50 year old Ch Male who presented with a history of dizziness for the last 2 months. He smokes about 20 cigarettes a day for the last 30years. He is grossly overweight, with a very healthy appetite and likes food. He hardly have time to exercise and works as a car saleman. There is no family history of note. His BMI is 35 with a waistline of 40 inches. His BP is 180/105 mmHg over two readings. Precordial exam is unremarkable. All other system appears normal.

His renal function and urinalysis is essentially normal.

The resting ECG and clinical biochemistry is as shown.

Q 1 . What do you think is the clinical diagnosis?

Q2 . What is your ECG diagnosis ?

Q3. What other investigations are appropriate?

Q4. How would you manage this patient ?

Q5. Would you give him prophylactic anti-platelet agents? Is there enough medical evidence for you to do so?

Fasting Serum Lipids

T.Choles : 6.3 mMols/L
HDL C : 0.9 mMols/L
LDL C : 4.0 mMols/L
TG : 2.8 mMols/L
Sugar : 6.5 mMols/L

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