Sunday, August 06, 2006

ICF 2006 - Interventional Cardiovascular Forum

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Association of Malaysia, is initiating the organisation of a meeting for interventional cardiologist, to come together to discuss their work. This meeting is scheduled for the 8th-10th Dec 2006, at the Andaman Langkawi. Having seen that interventional cardiology LIVE DEMO courses are very costly and yet, was unable to provide a forum for local Malaysian cardiologist to discuss their work, the FPMPAM, has taken the initiative to get them together to discuss their work hoping that this will increase awareness of the benefits and dangers of their work.

This ICF2006 will feature topical case presentations through cineangio reviews, and diadactic lectures. The faculty is fully local and the attendees are all interventional cardiologist (all by invitation). Funds at the moment do not allow us to invite everyone. Perhaps in future we will. It is hoped that this coming together will be an annual affair, and will built a spirit of cammaradare.

The industry will also be there, as they are the sponsors and also they will want to fellowship with their clients. By doing that, we hope that they will be very close to the market place and provide good service and products to help our patients. We were hoping that this will be a viable alternative to interventional cardiology LIVE DEMO courses. One such course was held in 2004 with great success, and the attendees feedback, and also feedback from the industry, was that the ICF2004 was a resounding success. Well, we do hope that this ICF2006 will help to moderate interventional cardiology practice in Malaysia, even as we see our shores being flooded with all kinds of PCI devices, with their uses and dangers. Basically, all kinds of interventional cardiology procedures are being done in the name of interventional cardiology and if the medical community does not moderate itself, the government will legislate us as seen with this new PHCFS Act and Regulations. Let us all hope that this ICF2006 will be as successful as we hope and contribute to the betterment of interventional cardiology in Malaysia

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