Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Danger of On Line Drugs

The BBC news section has posted a warning on the purchase of medical drugs, on-line. It appears that with the ever increasing use of the internet, and perhaps the success of eBay, one of the dangers seem to be the purchase of life-sustaining medical drugs, on-line. It appears that we can buy almost anything on-line, and medical drugs seemed no different.

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). All drugs can look the same in the bottle, and unless you analyse it, you will not be able to determine the contents, certainly, not by just looking at the bottle or the colour of the tablets. Any mistake here is potentially fatal. You can probably save money and it's more convenient buying on-line, but you are surely taking a big chance, in my opinion, an uneccesary risk.

It is enough that there are so many generics, and outright fakes in the market. The sale of drugs on-line is just one more new addition to the problem, of medical treatement. There has been many instances of drugs purchase on-line that did not seem to work, and worse still, the same news article also carried anecdotal cases of side-effects, from the use of drugs purchased on-line. And of course, there is no culpability. PLEASE BE AWARE, TAKE FAKES ARE DANGEROUS. YOU CAN'T TELL FAKES FROM THE REAL ONE JUST BY LOOKING AT IT. PLEASE BE WARNED.

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