Sunday, July 09, 2006

More evidence for healthy lifestyle

It is well known and widely practised, that a healthy lifestyle prevents heart disease. We now have more evidence, to try and convince those who still do not believe. Dr S Chiuve et al, published their "Healthy lifestyle factors in the primary prevention of CHD among men. Benefits among users and non-users of lipid lowering and anti-hypertensive therapy" in the lastest Circulation journal. Dr Chiuve followed 42,847 males aged 40-70 years, for 16 years and observed their their coronary events, including their first heart attacks. Previous study observe CVS mortality and MI mortality.

It was interesting to note that in those males who observe all 5 lifestyle changes (viz stop smoking, eat reasonable, maintain ideal body weight, consume alcohol in moderation, exercise regularly), there was a 87% reduction in their first coronary event. Those who could only observe 2 or more of those lifestyle changes, there was a 27% lower incidence.

Imagine, only 4% of those who were educated, could follow all 5 of the lifestyle modifications. Even those on treatment for hyperlipidemia with statins, and those on anti-hypertension (about 21% of the study cohort), 57% lesser events were observed in those who could observe all 5 lifestyle changes. It is important to note that very few males (even among the educated) can observe all 5 lifestyle modification. For those who can, there is an 87% reduction in their first coronary event reward. And all we need do is eat in moderation, do not smoke, maintain ideal weight, drink in moderation and exercise regularly.

Now, does that seem too dificult to you. According to this study, some of us may find it tough.

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