Saturday, July 29, 2006

Exercise and CHD risk

July saw the online publication by Dr D. Rothenbacher (University of Heidelberg, Germany), on the importance of exercise and CHD reduction. This is a small study, but the CHD disease includes angiographic documentation. He reported that patients who were active in young adulthood had less CHD. I belief that we all know that, but he also reported that even for those who were not active when young but who took up regular exercise in late adulthood, also have less CHD. We did not even need to be an exercise freak, all we need to do is to take the stairs, instead of the lift and parking the car a little further and walk a bit more. Just more walking in everyday life style, helps to lessen CHD by about 90%, in those who started this more everyday exercise activity in those at age 40-48years, when they reach sixty. Therefore, doctors should continue to encourage patients to walk more and exercise more, to reduce obesity, diabetes and certainly, heart disease. I suppose, even in Malaysia, the industry has commercialised this. The mushrooming of fitness centers, must certainly augur well for the future, as long as adults go there for fitness and exercise. Sometimes, I hear that that is not so.

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