Thursday, June 15, 2006

What to prepare when visiting your doctor part 2

Previously, we discussed what to prepare when you visit a doctor and what to expect. Today, we will discuss what you should do after you have consulted a doctor.

After the doctor had examined the patient and formed a provisional doagnosis, you should ask the doctor,

1. What is wrong with the patient? Is this illness dangerous ? Will the patient recover completely and approximately how long will the patient take to recover?

2. Does he need surgery? how urgently ? If the doctor recommends that surgery, or a procedure be done, you should ask him (before signing consent),
a. Is there a risk to the surgery / procedure? How high is the risk?
b. What are the possible complications from the surgery / procedure ?
c. How long will he take to recover from the surgery /procedure?
d. How to prepare for the surgery ?
e. How much will it cost (if in private)?

When you are happy with all the explanations, please follow the advise of the doctor. Take the medication faithfully and observe for side effects. Please also observe all the prevention measures. If you are not happy with the explanation given, or the diagnosis made, you should seek a second opinion..

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