Thursday, June 01, 2006

Losing weight with caffeinated pantyhose

Well I have heard of many ways to slim down. In the mass media, we are inundated by adverts on how to lose weight. I recently came across an advert on the sale of caffeinated pantyhose, in a website. It works something like this. The subject wears the pantyhose. Body heat causes the caffeinated microcapsule that are incorporated into the pantyhose fabric to diffuse through the skin into the body. This caffeine when absorbed, will increase metabolic rate, and cause slimming. Results may become apparent in 1-4 weeks. Of course, the merchant also reminds us that this may not work for everyone. HaHaHa, how come I didn't think of that. For those interested, the asking price is 27 pounds each. Oh, I forgot to mention, for some users, the caffeine may be strong enough to stimulate the central nervous system and cause you to feel fidgety. It can cause you headaches, dizziness and insomnia too.

Well, I must say that it is quite an innovation.

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