Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Regretable Golf Incident

I was very saddened recently when I heard my patient (who golfs at KGNS) tell me that on 11th June, he was golfing at KGNS. As they teed off on hole 15th, his flightmate just collapsed and passed out. He tried to give mouth to mouth, and brought him back to the clubhouse where an ambulance was waiting. The friend, however breathed his last even before reaching the ambulance. What a sad story. Sudden cardiac arrest usually results from primary ventricular fibrillation, which is usually the result of significant coronary artery disease. The deceased was a rather fit man who thought that he was well. Well enough to go play golf. Of course, his friends are curious, as to how a normal fit man, capable of playing golf, could collapse suddenly and die so quickly.

The purpose of this posting is to warn all those "NORMAL, WELL MEN and LADIES" to go for a routine medical checkup (males above 40 years and females above 50 years). Normal looking does not guarantee normal health. 70% of people who have heart disease do not know it. The first presentation, sad to say, could be the last. The best way to treat this is not resuscitation after the cardiac arrest. It is preventing heart disease through a campaign of healthy-lifestyle (diet, exercise, stop smoking, avoid obesity, and lower your cholesterol). Also add to that a cardiac screening checkup for all healthy males above 40years, and females above 50 years.
I hope that this sad lesson will give us all a wake-up call and take notice of our health. Please take heed. It could save your life.

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