Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stay in school and live longer

Education, 15-year risk factor progression, and coronary artery calcium in young adulthood and early middle age: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study. JAMA 2006, 295 (15) : 1793-1800

This is a very interesting paper, supporting the view that people with higher educational level had lesser sublinical coronary artery disease. The authors studied normal subjects in 4 metropolitan regions, viz Birmingham, Ala., Chicago, Ill., Oakland, Calif., Minneapolis, Minn.. The subjects were of different educational level, and subclinical CAD was measured, using the calcium score (argatston score) by EBCT. The mean CAC score for the 2913 subjects was 9.3%. The subjects with college education had the lowest CAC levels (OR 1.24), while those with less then high school education had CAC with OR 4.14. After adjustments for baseline systolic BP, waist circumference, smoking, physical activity and cholesterol levels, the OR was 2.61 in those with less then high school education and 1.13 for those with college education.

Well the conclusion further support the contention that better educated people, have been better at primary CAD prevention and so has less pre-clinical disease. This will always drive us to educate all people, especially those who can understand us better. This is probably the best way to cure CAD, by preventing it.

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