Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday MMR

I just read that MMR is 10 years old. I must say that I am an occasional reader and find the good mixture of news and humour very entertaining. It must certainly have required a lot of sweat and maybe tears to undertake this journey for 10 years. They must have one of the widest readership amongst the Malaysian medical blogs, and probably one of the longest surviving ones too. Well done. I certainly hope that they will continue their good work. By comparison, we are relatively new, being only 4 months old. I only hope that I have as much energy as them. Blogging is interesting. I wish more will take it on. It refreshes the mind and gives us an avenue to share with society some of the things that we love and believe in. Well done Palmdoc, TECheah, Vagus, Dobbs and guests. Keep up the goodwork. We appreciate you all.

1 comment:

Palmdoc said...

HOw about a cake? Or is that not good for the coronaries? :P