Friday, March 03, 2006

When I grow up....

Someone sent a mail asking how a doctor would become a cardiologist in Malaysia.

In the Malaysian system, to qualify for specialist training, you need an MRCP, or masters of medicine (local postgraduate). These are entrance exams to specialist training. Having obtain that, you need a training post in a cardiac center in public hospitals, for example GH Penang, GH JB, GH Sarawak, IJN, UHKL, UKM and so on. I'm sure you realise the difficulty of getting a cardiac training post in these institutions.

The other way is to pass your MRCP and work with a senior cardiologist and become a cardiologist by association. The government has, as yet, no criteria as to who is a cardiologist as there are many senior cardiologist in Malaysia who are cardiologist by association.

You can of course also go to Australia for the FRACP which will include cardiology training, as it is an exit exam. As you can well realise, it is very difficult now to get an FRACP training post in Australia.

You can also do a residency program in the USA, and then take up a cardiology residency.

At the end of the day, back here, you need an MRCP, and plenty of cardiology experience. You need to be fair to your patients, that if you say that you are a cardiologist, you are really a cardiologist, at not a "half-trained everything also can do" type.

Wish you all the best on your path to becoming a cardiologist.

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