Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weekend discussion

We realise that during weekends there tend to be less readers so we'll start to publish posts which are more for discussion rather than information. And no, we're not trying to get others to do our homework :)

This is a case study.

A 45 year old gentleman presented with palpitations for the last three years. He had been clinically investigated and no primary causes were found. The patient had been cardioverted twice, unsuccessfully. He is currently on digoxin 0.125 mg OM, propranolol 10mg BD, and warfarin 2 mg OM (the PT-INR is kept around 2.0). He is currently assymptomatic, with HR controlled around 70 / min.

1 ) Do you agree with this patient's management?
2 ) How would you manage this patient?

So to all cardiologist, cardiology wannabe's, medical students, overinformed members of the public etc. Take a swing at this.


Palmdoc said...

So what's the rhythm doctor? AF? :P
Anyway as an aside, since you didn't mention the stem cell story in the Star in your blog I mentioned it here:

Dr Ng Swee Choon said...

Give chance lah. Every day got 24 hours. In the 24 hours need to sleep, eat and go toilet. In addition got to practice medicine, play golf and read excellent blogs like MMR (ahem ahem). Only after that then got time to check out the Star and then only can think of what to reply.

Anyway hopefully no harm, no foul. Posted already at...

Do let us know if there's any other issues maybe we haven't seen yet.