Sunday, March 26, 2006

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A big hearty welcome to all readers from the Star who are dropping by as a result of a link in the paper. A few quick answers to questions we have already received

1) Is the author of this blog the same as the author of the Star column?

Yes the author of the blog and the column are the same person. However, the computer person maintaining this blog is not.

2) Is the author a practising doctor in general and a cardiologist in particular?

Yes. Although we like to think the doctor is doing it "for real" the vagaries of the English language dictate that this be stated as practising.

3) Will my questions left in comments or emailed be replied to?

Please do not expect an immediate reply but we will try to reply to all cardiology related questions.

4) Can this blog replace my doctor?

Note that this is not a substitute for speaking with your qualified healthcare practitioner. Hopefully we can help you get an idea of the right questions to ask your doctor. At no point of time is this blog a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment.

However, should you negatively impact your life by not seeking a doctor and solely relying on advice off the internet along with self medication/treatment then please let us know what happened. Bad effects will be posted as an object lesson to all the others who attempt that route.

5) What's the secret to living forever?

We don't know.

Ok, thanks for stopping by and do leave a comment or an email if we can help you with any answers.

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