Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Panic vs heart attack

This post is in response to one of the questions posted on Dr Helen.

Sarah asks

How do I know the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack? Cold sweat, shaking, short of breath, sense of doom. With a family history of heart problems, though my numbers are good.

This is a common problem, particularly in the elderly from western societies where senior citizens live alone. The fear of death alone can cause severe panic. The symptoms described: the cold sweat, shaking, short of breath and sense of doom, can occur in both a heart attack and a panic attack, except that in a real heart attack, there may be chest discomfort usually although not necessarily always. Heart attacks in the elderly can often occur atypically.

Coming back to Sarah, usually the shaking and sense of doom is much less with heart attacks, than with panic where these features override the chest discomfort. A call for help, and a simple ECG would help to clarify the situation.

As always with coronary artery disease presentation, the coronary risk profile of the subject is very important. If there are obvious coronary risk factors of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, previous heart attacks, then the "panic" symptoms should not be taken lightly and a call for help is reasonable. As always, when in doubt and if you are in the coronary risk category (2 or more of the coronary risk factors), a call for help, with the assumption that it is an impending heart attack, is better then ignoring it as in " panic" attack.

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Brate said...

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