Monday, March 06, 2006

Marital Hostility, Anger and Heart Disease

Scientist in University of Utah, videotaped interviews of 150 couples in front of students of psychology, to see the couples reaction when fielding questions about various life situations like money, in-laws, children, etc. The couples were then scanned (I assumed by EBCT scan), to look for calcification in the coronary arteries, assuming that calcification means disease. The couples were not known to have heart disease previously. Their results were presented at the recent annual scientific of the American Psychosomatic society.

The findings of the study reinforce our knowledge that marital relationships can be stressful and cause or aggravate coronary artery disease. It was interesting that dominant, quick tempered, and aggressive partners have more disease. It may be wise for those of us who are like that to take note. Stress kills. When in an aggravated, hostile situation, speak slowly and softly, to protect your heart. It may be wise to have a spouse who aggravates you less. The reverse is also true, that less stress has less calcification and consequently less disease. Heart disease can be prevented with better marriage temperament and taking things easy. Things that we all know so well, but may not be so easy to put into practice.

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