Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogroll to be added here

One of the things this blog doesn't have is something I learned is named a blogroll. We are willing to now take the step of adding a blogroll to this site. I think we can start with ten blogs. Do let us know (use comments or email) if you know of a good medical blog that can be added to the
roll. So much the better if this blog happens to be your own blog. I think the only rule is that blogs must have been updated in the last half a year.

This blog is now two months old and we've seen 3000 visits so far. It's not a crazy large number but it's a figure we're comfrotable with. Should you have any suggestions, questions etc. please do feel free to let us know via comments or email.


Palmdoc, one of the amazing people who brings us Malaysian Medical Resources has pointed out an oversight on our part. There is already a great blogroll at MMR for healthcare. As such, MMR makes our blogroll and we will try to focus on cardiac related blogs. Most visitors here would have seen MMR and those who have not are encouraged to give it a look.

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Palmdoc said...

I suggest a Cardiac related Blogroll.
The MMR has an extensive and updated blogroll of blogs by Malaysian doctors and medical students.