Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day has come and gone. Much money must have been spent, buying gifts, chocolates being a favourite, and of course the romantic dinner with wine. It is indeed heartening to note that we all can enjoy a good bar of chocolate, but always prefer dark chocolates with a healthy amount of cocoa ( more then 70% ), if possible, because dark chocolate contain a healthy dose of flavanols, that have anti-oxidant properties and so help the heart, and blood vessels. It may protect against cholesterol clogging the heart arteries and may in fact increase coronary blood flow and also lower blood pressure. If you like nuts (referring to food and not choice of partner), choose walnuts, almonds and macadamias, all of which contain healthy plant fats, including plant omega-3 fatty acids.

As for dinner, Japanese is great for the heart, or fine dining Italian or Mediterranean with a good glass of wine. The Japanese diet and Meditteranean diet are cardiac friendly. The role of red wine, in increasing HDL-cholesterol and protecting the heart has been well documented. Fresh deep sea fishes obviously have good amounts of omega 3 fatty acid. Some Japanese green tea as you await your food is also good for the heart.

Yet always be aware that accompanying the bar of dark, dark chocolate, and the nuts, and the white potato are alot of calories. The dark chocolate is good for the heart , but the extra 500 calories per bar of chocolate may take a while to trim off and may require extra hours in the gym. HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY.

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