Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thought for the day on prostitution

There article can be found here.

A disgruntled doctor plans to open the first licensed brothel in the Far North. Neil Benson aims to base his new venture in his former medical centre at Coopers Beach.

Over the lunar new year, a doctor in New Zeaand decided that he did not want to be a country doctor anymore, I suppose he was not getting enough patients. What is interesting is that he closed his clinic and started a brothel instead. He reckons that he is still servicing mankind, and that he will maintain discretion and client confidentiallity, like a good doctor would.

He thinks that he would be more successful at this than his last job. I can't actually wish him all the best in his latest venture. I disagree with what he's doing, but it set me thinking. Are we doctors another form of prostitution? We are in a very competitive environment, always waiting for patients to turn up and charging fees for service. We maintain confidentiality and some of us even pay "touts" to bring in clients. Some of us advertise ourselves shamelessly with our latest, best profiled photos, and team up with politicians to get publicity. What do you think?

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just me said...

I didn't know you docs try so hard to get your patients? I should think that it is the cured patients themselves who are the best advertisers for you all as they spread the word around about your skills.
I don't ever think of docs being another form of prostitution, The way you define prostititution , all other indsutries are equally guilty of indulging in it!