Wednesday, January 18, 2006


This is a blog aimed at providing accurate medical information on cardiology. It will occasionally contain information on other matters. However, the information here is for information purposes only and not to be taken as healthcare advice.

In either case criticisms, comments and corrections are appreciated. Questions are even better can can be left in comments or in the mailbox. Some comments may be replied to particularly comments which are interesting, insightful or tickle us in the right places. However, a reply to your comment or email does not make you a patient of Dr Ng. Not in a useful manner or in a legal manner. Questions or comments, even the ones that make us laugh and we reply to, do not create a patient-doctor relationship. This means what you say is not privileged and is not healthcare advice. For the former, consult your lawyer, for the latter, your physician.

If you should feel anything here is inaccurate, feel free to stop reading. However, before you storm off please leave us a comment, even if it is an angry one, so that we have some idea why you've stopped dropping by. Perhaps you're right, in which case we will post a correction and give you credit. Take a chance, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

This site does not offer free medical advice. In fact, this site does not offer medical advice even if you pay for it. Medical advice is best offered by your physician. If any questions here make your physician squirm, feel free to ask him to drop by and leave a comment. Even the best physician does not know everything and cannot cure everything. However, the amount of understanding you have about your own healthcare situation and treatment options, the better a chance you have of receiving the right type and amount of care. In short we hope to share with you some things your physician may be too busy to tell you about. This is also the stuff your HMO hopes your physician will be too busy to share with you.

We make no claims about the effectiveness of the information here or even its harmlessness for any intentions or purposes the reader may have. In short do not use the information here to start self-treatment at home. It may be painful, embaressing or even potentially fatal, especially if you're ill or have a condition requiring medical care.

Additionally the person who maintains this blog on behalf of the doctor is not a doctor himself, so even if the doctor is inclined to provide medical advice note that the person posting it on his behalf is a computer type person who's idea of treatment involves a philips screwdriver and a roll of duct tape.

Having said all this, some people will inevitably try to treat themselves or their gardener or their pets or their friend's sister's third cousin's brother-in-law based on information provided here. In that case, we are still not responsible but please do let us know the tragic outcomes so that we can add it to this disclaimer to make for more interesting reading.

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